Sunday, November 23, 2008

inspiration : a busy art-filled day

My Mom came over to visit and hang out today. Mom and I worked on a bunch of artsy fun things for my Etsy store. We packed up holiday cards with sticker seals. We also worked on shrink film ornaments & magnets. She also helped out with a mountain of laundry. My Mom rocks! Most of the things that we worked on today, are not quite ready to post, and I still need to shoot pics etc., but here's what I was up to today. Also, I started a new illustration this weekend, based off another cute photo that my friend Kelli shot. Kelli is a photographer and her photography business is based on kids, families, babies & even pregnant mommies-to-be. There are so many cute faces, how could anyone not be inspired by their darling faces? I only have the preliminary sketch so far, but it will end up being done in watercolor. Stay tuned!

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