Monday, December 01, 2008

let's take a moment to talk about...glitter

Glitter it's sparkly, comes in an assortment of colors & textures and makes pretty much anything snazzy. So while shopping for said glitter, which by the way I only wanted one little bottle of pink Martha Stewart glitter, but because I had a Michael's 50% off coupon, I got sucked into the 24-color essential glitter set. Yikes. I can't stop looking at all of the tiny jars filled with sparkly wonder.

My initial intentions for the glitter was to put pink glitter on all of the rosy cheeks of my lil' chef series ornaments, but then I saw the multi-pack and had the coupon, and well the twinkling glitter got the best of me.

On a side note, I think a little mouse (that mouse would be my husband by the way), took my digital camera with him up north on Sunday and my plans were to get a handful of prints ready for my Etsy shop but, since he took the camera, there's nothing new posted. In return, I served him brussels sprouts with dinner. HA! Which I happen to love. Soon... I'll have some prints available. All of the Barbie watercolor paintings, Venice window and A Perfect Cap coming to an Etsy shop near you.

In the meantime, I'll be playing with glitter and thinking of some new illustration ideas. So, if you see a girl walking down the street, with a glitter-flecked face, and if she's walking two big dogs, check them, they will have glitter noses too -- most likely it will be me.

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