Sunday, July 19, 2009

Group Project - Sketchbook Sunday!

I was sitting at my desk this morning posting images to my Flickr account and I stumbled onto an artist that posted only images from her sketchbooks. I've been thinking about how I need to get back into a regular sketchbook routine, because as you know the more you create the more creative you become and then...

An idea popped into my head. Why not start a weekly sketchbook group project with all of my creative friends and blog followers? Sounds fantastic already, doesn't it!

I'm going to call the project Sketchbook Sunday. I decided on Sunday because most people have a bit of time on Sunday to relax and enjoy a little free time and of course a day of the week starting in "S" sounds good too. I'm going to try this project for a month starting today with the first topic. If I get enough participation and I hope I do, I'll keep the project going.

How it's going to work:

I'll do a blog post on Sunday morning with the new topic "Sketchbook Sunday : new project topic." I don't want to have too many rules, so, even if you don't have a sketchbook, you can still participate. However, it would be neat to have all of your Sketchbook Sunday entries in one book -- but that's just me being overly detailed oriented as usual. I don't want anyone creative to be left out, so this is open to anyone. Even if you're just starting out or you're just looking for a little creative expression, maybe this will provide some creative inspiration for the rest of the week. So... for example: If you're a photographer, use this project as inspiration to shoot something you're not normally into shooting. If you're a digital artist, work in your digital media. Maybe you do clay, or you're a writer, and so on and so forth. Please, don't feel like this needs to be perfect- finished art, but of course it can be if you'd like. I really would like this to be loose sketchbook style art, but of course anything will be accepted. Oh and of course I'll be participating too!

The Rules:

1) Once the new topic is posted on Sunday you'll have until Thursday (the following week) at Midnight to complete your submission. Entries that do not make the time deadline will not be posted. (Sorry! - but I'm a busy gal and I'll need some time to prepare the posting of all of the entries.)

2) Scan and/or shoot your artwork and submit your "Sketchbook Sunday" entry (preferably in JPG or PNG format) to me via email:

• Only 1 entry per person each week
• List your name, medium & your website if applicable for your entry.
  (This information will be posted above your entry.)

3) On Saturday Morning I'll post all of the entries (that made the deadline) from the previous topic.

Sound good? Okay, let's get started!

Sketchbook Sundays 1st Topic:

Sketchbook Sunday : Favorite Summertime Food - There are so many delicious foods that come along with Summer, let's create something with your favorite. And don't forget, Thursday by midnight send me your entry! :o)



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