Saturday, November 28, 2009

sneak peek : sock monkey buttons

For a few years now my sock monkey buttons have been very popular in my Cafepress shop. So I've finally decided to bring them to my Etsy shop. I've hired a fabulous gal, Jennie from KungFuCowgirl on Etsy to make some custom buttons for me with my illustrations. She's doing a great job and she sent me a few photos today of some samples before she puts together my full order. Thanks Jennie! I'm very excited!

My plan is to sell the buttons as a 4-pack -- however, it's possible I may sell them as singles as well. Stay tuned, they are coming to my Etsy shop very soon! They would make an excellent stocking stuffer or small gift for a sock monkey lover for Christmas.


  1. I love your sock monkey buttons! I used to make sock monkey dolls as all different characters;Batman, Superman, ballerinas, princesses, Wonder Woman. I used to sell them on consignment at different shops. Your art is so happy---just love it!!!

  2. I love these1 Any chance of making a version that is a sew- on button? I am making a sock monkey vest for my 9 year old son and would love to see these available in a sew-on version. Please let me know if possible! Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately Kim, I do not have the capabilities to make my buttons into a sew-on style.



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