Wednesday, December 30, 2009

personalized stationery : a special gift

About five years ago, I spent a few years solely designing wedding & special event invitations before I went back to advertising. I must admit it was one of the most fulfilling times of my design career. I found that brides or clients planning that special event are very happy and appreciative people. It was very rewarding.

Anyway, going back to my stationery roots, I started making a birthday card a few months back for our Aunt Kathy. I didn't like where it was going and never finished it. Then my Dad's surgery came up and everything in our life was put on hold. I never forgot though that I still wanted to do something for her. But, I wasn't sure what it was going to be. Then it hit me... how about some special personalized stationery. She always sends the prettiest cards, so I think she would think that would be very nice. She lives in a lovely home, that sits almost nestled in the woods, where she can view many woodland animals that come very close to her home. Since she loves her birds and botanicals so much, I designed the hummingbird & flower motif for her. I printed the stationery on a heavyweight, metallic opal coverstock and the text is a reddish-chocolate brown (pantone 498 to be exact). I also added just a smidge of superfine metallic brown glitter to the flower. To make them extra special, I lined her envelopes with matte chocolate brown paper and printed her return address on them with some other small hummingbirds. I hope she likes them -- she should be receiving them in the mail any day now.

I enjoyed making them so much, that I'm thinking of starting to get back into personal stationery for purchase. If you know anyone what needs stationery or invitations, have them contact me!

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