Friday, March 19, 2010

custom lil' portrait paintings : the t family

Thanks very much to the "T" family, and Paisley Place Designs for giving me the opportunity to do their portraits in my illustrative painting style. I had a great time creating them and I hope they enjoy them in their home for years to come!

The process:
First, the photo is emailed to me from the family, then I work on each individual sketch, and after the sketch is approved, I begin work on the painting!

Mom gave me a little direction on the sketches. She wanted her son's hair a little curlier than his photo, because she said he typically has pretty curly hair. She also wanted her hair color and her son's hair color the same, strawberry blonde because she had that hair color too as a child. Mom wanted a cute, pink bow in her hair as well! She picked grass green for her son's background, berry for hers and her husband got lake.

A couple close-up photos of the ribbon hangers & fabric covered buttons.

If you're interested in portraits too, please contact me via email at:

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