Monday, March 29, 2010

my new little friend... Lexi

I have a new little friend. Her name is Lexi. She's 4 years old (almost 5), very smart, has a fantastic personality (i.e. a "poopy" day -- inside joke), cute as a button and I love her brown, curly hair. She's quite fashionable for "almost 5" and very artistic. From what her Mom says, she loves glitter too... so of course we became friends almost instantly. I love a girl who loves my same passion for sparkly goodness. We had a lunch date the other day with her Mom and sister Ava (also my new little friend -- she's almost 2). We had a splendid time chatting at lunch and while she was at my house she gave me the cutest little drawing that I hung on my fridge.

I love children's art. It's so uninhibited. They draw whatever they feel and are totally spontaneous about the creation. They are filled with passion and it comes from the heart. Whether they become the artists of our future or not, I just love the creative expression.

Thank you Lexi!


  1. I am a Lexi fan too, Cheryl! That girl is hysterical....and an artist to boot!

  2. and quite the little artist, that is quite good for her age

  3. Cheryl....I think Lexi may have just jumped 2 feet in the air!! haha! She is sooooo excited to see her little card on YOUR blog!!! She thinks you are THE coolest so this might just be the most exciting days of her whole short life! hahaha!!!!
    She loves art more than anything at this stage in her life and it really is amazing to see what she comes up with. So I really want to surround her with amazing role models like you. :) I love how she made the little girl, the flower pot, the spider...and then threw in the yellow squash guy. HAHA! (Cheryl Smith...we're big fans of you too!)

  4. Lexi happens to be my daughter's favorite person ever and she is cheering her on for getting her art "in the computer" What a great piece Lex! I also love children's art Cheryl and we love what you are doing as well. Thank you for making Lexi excited about her talent.

  5. For almost 5 years old, I think she's pretty talented!



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