Tuesday, April 13, 2010

spring weekend at the cottage

We checked the weather for over two weeks. We told friends up at the cottage that if the weather wasn't good, we weren't coming up. Wednesday night we checked the weather again. It changed a little as far as temperature but, it still looked good. So we packed that night, loaded up the car and left early Thursday morning. Halfway up it started to rain. Okay, rain it's Spring we can handle that. Then... it got colder in the car and pretty soon that's right you guessed it, its snowing. The trees and grass alongside the freeway are completely covered. So, while we're still hopeful that maybe it missed our area at the cottage and even though it looked pretty on the trees and ground, we were not exactly thrilled about seeing the snow. It was so cold! We were over it. But, Mother Nature wanted a little more and well, she's the boss.

Our view from the front of the cottage... upon our arrival.

Even the dogs were bummed out about the weather. It was even too cold for them to go outside to play. I didn't even feel like doing any illustrations which is so unlike me. I usually pack up all kinds of painting supplies and have ideas all planned out.

I think he was trying to tell us to pack it up and let's go home where it's warm!

But, Sunday morning... it warmed up! The bluest skies were out and the sun had melted all of the snow. We took a long walk and the dogs frolicked in the yard. And...

life was good.

it was "real" good!

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