Saturday, June 26, 2010

definitely, worth waiting for...

It's here! Our hammock stand is here! HOORAY!

Okay, let me back up the story a bit and then you'll understand my excitement for the hammock. Five, yes... FIVE years ago I purchased a beautiful, multi-colored striped, quilted hammock and pillow from Potterybarn and when I purchased it, my hubby said, don't buy a stand... I'll figure something out for it. I agreed, since he is very handy around the house and I figured we would eventually find some way to rig up a hammock in our yard. So, since then every Summer has come and gone and nothing ever happened with our hammock. We've been working really hard on our yard and gardens this year and I think that's why finally, this year he broke down and agreed that we should buy a stand. I ordered a black stand from Hayneedle. I got 10% off because I ordered a birdbath for my Mom for Mother's Day from them and the coupon came with it and free shipping. I ordered it on Monday and it was already here on Friday. You can't beat that! It felt just like Christmas when it arrived. It was a snap to put together, literally like five minutes once out of the box, but the most exciting part was unrolling my hammock that I purchased years ago. I almost forgot what it looked like. Guess who was the first one to take a quick siesta in it? You guessed it, my hubby. He looks so cute napping in it too! I guess it's true what "they" say, that some things are worth waiting for.

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