Wednesday, February 23, 2011

figgy + fern

I've been sketching more often lately... mostly while we watch tv in the evenings, because there's not many shows on tv that I'm interested these days. It's the best time of day for me to relax and unwind with my sketchbook.

Anyway, Figgy + Fern derived from a sketchbook session the other day. Figgy is Fern's dog. I was thinking about maybe trying to write and illustrate some little stories about them. I also thought it would be fun to have the stories coming from Figgy's perspective on life. I know for sure I'll be doing more illustrations because they came out so cute.

The finished illustration is done in watecolor with a digital background. The archival 8x10 print is now available in my Etsy shop! I've love to hear what you think about Figgy + Fern!


  1. Oh, I just love her! She's very fashionable too! :)

  2. So pretty! Love your sweet style and your illustration looks awesome framed! :) xo



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