Thursday, March 03, 2011

Black & White Swimsuit Barbie

Here she is... the classic, original Barbie! I'm not sure why I have waited so long to illustrate this particular Barbie because she's the one I have (well, I don't have the original I have a model that came out in the 80's to look like the original). I also have an ornament that Hallmark came out with in the 90s I believe.

This is the newest Barbie to add to my collection of vintage-looking Barbie illustrations. What else is really exciting is that I'm now going to start offering my Barbie prints in a larger 11x14" size. They will soon be added to my Etsy shop. This illustration like all of the rest will also be offered in the 5x5 (sized for an ikea ribba 9x9" frame) and 8x10 sizes. All of them will be available in my Etsy shop and at Yellow Door Art Market.

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