Saturday, July 23, 2011

pure garden pleasure

I look forward to this time of the Summer for one reason in my garden and that's to see my Stargazer Lilies bloom. When I was about 19, which is a tad over 20 years ago since I'm about to be 40 in just a few weeks. I worked at a Flower Market for a Summer job. As far as a retail job goes, I loved it. I loved watching the floral designers create beautiful arrangements and helping the customers pick and arrange a perfect bouquet for a loved one. I was surrounded by gorgeous flowers everyday. Each one was it's own work of art. I loved learning about the different flowers, especially the ones I had never seen before, which is when I discovered the Stargazer Lily.

For about five years now we've had the lilies in our rock garden. We watch the stalks of the lilies grow taller and taller from May thru June, and then mid to end of July we get about a week and half of bloom time. Every year they never disappoint and that week and a half is worth the wait time! Pop, pop, pop each bloom pops open and I swear prettier than the last one. The colors, the smell... it's pure garden pleasure.

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