Sunday, April 29, 2012

Get Your Paint On - Week 2

Our second painting assignment this week from Get Your Paint On was to find another artist that we love and that something from that artist/painting as literally or as figuratively as we like. So my inspiration was from Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

I love her gouache paintings! What I love about Anna's work for one is that she paints in gouache. But, what really intrigues me is her simple, opaque shapes. I like all of her work, but I really like her flowers, and perhaps because it's springtime I really felt compelled to paint flowers. That being said, I really struggled with making simple shapes and not a lot of detail. I feel like it's less like Anna's work and more like my own which is more detailed. I guess while I was working on it, I just felt like I couldn't go with less detail. I don't know if that even makes sense. Perhaps it's because it's just my style to be more detailed. I don't know... Since typically I paint in traditional watercolor I also struggled with what to do in the vase with the stems. While I was working I knew exactly what I would have done with translucent watercolor, but I felt with the gouache it was more of a challenge. I do like how the piece turned out overall, but I stressed a lot.

Gouache on cold press illustration board

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