Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Culinary Herbs Watercolor Illustration

I can't really even remember how far back it was that my Aunt suggested that I do a piece with herbs, but it was quite awhile. I even started working on some herbs, but it wasn't feeling quite right, so I pushed it to the back burner. Time went on and I worked on other projects and forgot a bit about the herbs, but I also kept coming back to it knowing that it would be nice to get this done for not only her but, perhaps others would enjoy an herb piece for their kitchen. I have to say I'm so pleased with it that I wish I had room in my own kitchen to display it, but unfortunately I don't. I'm also contemplating some individual smaller prints, but for now there's just this larger piece. If you're interested you can see more photos and get more info in my Etsy shop! If you have interest in smaller individual prints, just let me know.

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