Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something new...

Did you ever stumble upon something and think, this is really something for me? Well, I just recently did, and that thing for me is felting. After reading the felting book in my last post, and experimenting with the wool a little bit, I discovered that it's something that I really enjoy and could very well become part of my artistic repertoire.

The process itself reminds me a little bit like working with clay but instead it's fiber. The fiber is needle felted until you get it to the desired shape and size. You must have patience though, the felting process isn't immediate. Keep in mind when you check out my first piece that it all starts with wool roving and everything is handmade. The bear itself is made from wool roving, stuffing, wire, beads and thread. The base is constructed from a wood plaque, that was then covered in more stuffing and felt. The tiny details are made from various handmade items such as paper flowers, polymer clay that has been baked and sewn felt. My first project took about 20 total hours to make, and throughout the process I think of how I might embellish my project and what to name the piece. This one is "Franklin's Picnic."

Currently I'm thinking about packaging ideas and once I have that squared away I'll begin listing them on my Etsy shop.

Wool roving

"Franklin's Picnic" - wool felted bear and embellishments

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