Saturday, February 07, 2009

let's eat cake - birthday cake that is!

Today was an unusually warm February day in Michigan. The sun came out for a few hours, and most of our snow melted, but mostly it was gray outside. I really didn't feel like doing anything, except, baking a cake. On Wednesday of this coming week it's my husband's birthday, so before we go on our weekend trip to Chicago I wanted to bake him a special birthday cake.

Every year, I ask him what kind of cake he would like and every year it's always the same. Yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting. The man knows what he wants! This year though, we mixed it up a little bit. Yellow butter cake with German chocolate frosting in between the layers, and milk chocolate frosting on the outside. I jazzed it up a bit with toasted coconut on the sides, and decorated the top with whole pecans to compliment the German chocolate frosting filling. If that's not enough, I added some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips just to polish it off. It turned out so pretty that I thought I'd share it visually.

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