Saturday, January 09, 2010

Puppy Love Hand-Stitched Valentine Card

I've noticed that dachshunds have become very popular. Smooth ones, dapple ones, long-haired-furry ones... whichever one is your preference they sure are cute. I haven't really done anything creative since Christmas so, I was sketching one day and got an idea for card for Valentine's day.

I still had some kraft recycled French Paper that I bought to use for some Christmas cards, that I just love by the way, and thankfully I had some red envelopes too. It's nice that Valentine's day comes after Christmas and you can have similar color supplies on hand from the previous season.

First I thought about putting the dogs in watercolor, but I really liked the look of the simple line drawing cards that I did with the owls for Christmas, so I thought I'd do something similar to that style. However, I love my doxie sketch so I think I may do a watercolor painting of them too.

We're still really busy with my Dad in the hospital going back and forth almost daily, and what I really wanted to do was to have my Mom help me with sewing on the cards. But, she's really busy right now, so I decided to tackle it myself. I did buy a sewing machine a few years back, but I have barely used it, and I barely know how to use it either. Yesterday, I had a little "me" time which seems to be a rarity these days, so I pulled out the ol' sewing machine and gave it a whirl. First of all, it took me almost an hour to figure out how to fill the bobbin with thread and then how to thread the machine. The instructions in my machine are not very good. I have to say, it brought memories back of junior high in my Home Economics class with my teacher Mrs. Koch, showing us how to thread the machine.

I cut all of the cardstock, printed the cards, printed the inside message sheets and I was off to my sewing machine. I practiced a little on some scrap paper and pretty soon I was in business. It took longer that I thought it would but, it was very rewarding figuring it all out and that my project worked out like I had planned.

I made eight cards and I was going to sell them as a set, but my friend Kelli suggested that for Valentine's Day maybe it would be better sold as singles. As soon as I posted one to my Etsy store she bought one too! Ahhh, there was a method to her madness! Thanks Kelli!

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  1. There's always a method to my madness, even though it may not seem like it! :)



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