Wednesday, January 26, 2011

project kitchen continues...

For over a year now, we've had a work in progress in our kitchen. First, we got new appliances, then we had a new counter top & sink installed and a mosaic backsplash. Things got put on hold for a year when we found out my Dad was sick. Now that he's doing better (well, slowly getting better), we're back at it again. A few weeks ago, the floor finally got finished and it's GORGEOUS! Totally worth waiting for. We had ceramic tile installed for the kitchen floor, the landing to the basement and the steps leading downstairs to my studio.

I saved lots of pennies to splurge on this iridescent, mosaic glass tile from Oceanside Tile. We purchased ours from Virginia Tile in Farmington Hills. It's been so long since we've been back at the kitchen that I may have even posted some of these photos before!

Both photos are from the tile brochure. The color we chose is on the second image (top left) called: Anthracite. We also purchased this tile from Virginia Tile.

Today I sanded the walls, because about 9 years ago, we decided to do a painting technique with glaze on the lower portion of the walls underneath the chair rail and it really needed to be sanded before we would paint over it. The chair rail is being removed so there was a lot of sanding! To tell you the truth, we never thought we'd be the ones to have to sand it or at least I never thought I'd be the one having to sand it. I have to say I thought the power sander was going to be more fun, but it wasn't. What a huge mess!

So, since we had to put everything on hold for awhile. I had begun putting together a folder of my ideas and a digital folder full of images. One of the things I had been brainstorming about was an area rug by Flor. We had one previously and it worked out so nicely, that we decided we should do another for the new kitchen too. Here's a sneak peek on the 9-piece rug from FLOR that will eventually be going into our kitchen as an area rug near the sink & stove. The image is from the Flor website. I love the chairs in this photo too!

The Flor carpet tile is from the Ins & Outs group. Color: Black

Another part of kitchen is the dining room. At some point, the wall between the kitchen and dining room had been opened up to create more flow from the living room, dining room and kitchen, like many homes built today. I chose a new chandelier for the space from West Elm... that I LOVE! We finally ordered it and it has arrived, but I have to say I was shocked speechless to see that every little glass link is wrapped separately & securely in it's own little section tucked into foam. This is going to be a job putting this baby together, something that I haven't shared with the husband yet. He may freak. I definitely have more patience on this sort of thing.

More to come soon!


  1. Aunt JoAnn has time to put that light together.
    Also Grama Davis. Have them over for a weekend and it will get done. Ha Ha !!!

  2. Wow, love that glass tile and REALLY love that carpet! Can't wait to see more pics when it's all complete!



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