Wednesday, June 22, 2011

cool terrariums by twig

(All of the amazing photos are from the Twig website)

Ever see something in a magazine and you can't stop thinking about. Well, that something for me are these cute terrariums, by a company called Twig.

I was thumbing thru the June issue of Real Simple on our ride up to the cottage and I couldn't wait to come home to check them out on the computer. But, then we got home... and of course I forgot about it and then I put the magazine someplace that I couldn't remember. Yesterday I found it and I looked them up and they are so cute!

What's really cute is that there are not just plants and rocks, there's tiny surprises inside, tucked away into interesting glass vessels of all shapes and sizes. I think I have to have one!

I had a terrarium as kid and I loved it. The terrarium is very little maintenance which is perfect for my house because we don't have a lot of good lighting to grow plants! I've always loved anything tiny.

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