Monday, June 06, 2011

may recap + island fox

It's been awhile since I've written a blog post and all I really have to say to that is, sometimes you feel like it and sometimes you don't (because Almond Joys got nuts and Mounds don't! -- I had to add that in.) There was too much rain and gray skies in May and I just wasn't feeling the whole blog thing. Now it's sunny and the flowers are perking up and the grass looks beautiful and the birdies are chirping. Summer is my kinda season!

Here's what I have been up to over the last few weeks:

• participated in the flint handmade spring art fair
• took a tour of the rust belt market - i'll be there a vendor on saturday, june 18th from 11-7pm!
• went to visit my friend in lansing for a girls' weekend
• spent the memorial holiday at the cottage on drummond island
• dropped off some work at melody's lane in mackinaw city
• getting my garden ready for summer. lots of flowers, veggies & herbs
• bicycle riding on my gigi bike (i miss her so much during the winter)
• working on some new paintings for prints, cards and more!

I started my most current painting while I was at the cottage, but just finished it today while painting on our patio. I hardly ever paint wildlife but I must have been thinking about our trip up to the cottage so I gathered up some photo reference before we left. "Island Fox" is the first of my Drummond Island wildlife series. Eventually, I'd like to have enough paintings to create a notecard set with all of the prints. Prints in 8x10 are now available in my Etsy shop and soon Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley, MI.

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