Thursday, January 31, 2008

aspiration : setting up shop...

So, here it is... I've started a blog. My sole purpose for setting up a blog was to get myself motivated to do bigger and better creative projects. To always have that constant, creative process swirling around inside my head. Whooooooooosh...(nothing, yet)

A friend of mine asked what I'm actually going to do with this blog. What will I write about, post about... etc? Well, my plan is this, to post and talk about anything and everything I do that is creative.

I don't necessarily think that to be creative, you have to paint or draw (of which I do both, but that's another story). I think you can "be creative" in other aspects. For instance, I love food for all of it's wonderful colors, textures and flavors. Some might say, I'm a foodie, or foodinista, and I just might agree. I love to cook, and not just with recipes, but also by experimenting and making up my own delicious concoctions. I also love to entertain and throw parties. So, I think there's some creative skill involved with that as well. I like to decorate our house, and not because most women do, but because I want a house that feels like "us." When people come over to our house, I want them to look around and say, "this is totally a reflection of you two." It's kinda like being comfortable in your own skin. I love being home with my husband and our two dogs. To me, home is the best place on earth... especially when our house is filled with friends and family.

So, that about wraps it up for today. But, before I go, check out my pal Maggie's blog. She's doing a really great thing by walking in the Breast Cancer 3-day. Her blog plots her journey as she prepares for the big day. Also, if you're feeling philanthropic swing by her CafePress site and pick up a t-shirt or a button to help support the cause. You may even see a few items designed by me!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! You're the best for volunteering those designs, by the way. I can't wait for everyone to wear my face!

    I'm going to bookmark this blog so I can keep up with you!

  2. I'm totally buying a pack of 10 off of your site! I was thinking of passing some out to the ladies in the office. Of course..I'm keeping one for myself!

  3. hello cheryl!!! help! I'm lost in the matrix!!!



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