Tuesday, July 15, 2008

inspiration : new watercolor painting

My friend Kelli and I go way back to our art school days at CCS in Detroit. Kelli is also an art director in advertisting, but she is branching out with her love of the camera, and now has her own photography business -- Purple Tree Photography (www.purpletreephotography.com) A few months back, Kelli and her husband Chris, took a trip to Europe and she came back with some fabulous photos. I was so inspired by her images and asked if it would be okay, if I used a few of her images to do some watercolor paintings. She was happy to offer them up, and after my trip up north I have finally finished the first one "Venice Window." I have so many projects going on these days, that it's been hard to really focus, but it's nice having ideas waiting in the wings. Thanks Kelli!

I almost forgot to mention that this will also be offered as prints soon on my Etsy shop!

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  1. Hello, This is The Queen of Re. I chatted with you in etsy chat room. Nice to meet you. I will be back



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