Monday, July 21, 2008

inspiration : tyler + giada

I'm in the process of new additions to my chef series of paintings. I have two going at once this time. Here's a couple of pics in progress. I'm working on Giada & Tyler. I have a few more to go after this... I was thinking how cute it would be if someone bought the entire set and hung them in a horizontal row on a long wall in their kitchen. CUTE! I'll post the finished paintings when done!

On a side note, I purchased a lighting set-up to start shooting the work I already have for Etsy and it's supposed to arrive in the mail today! Last week, I bought a table at Ikea to set everything up and make a nice shooting area that can be semi-permanent, so I don't have to keep taking it down. Now... to find a place in the basement to set it up and put together the table.

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