Tuesday, July 22, 2008

observation : INGO

At first glance, one would think, how hard could that little table be to put together...not hard at all, right? I beg to differ. Although, I wouldn't exactly call it hard, just tedious and time consuming. I purchased the table from IKEA, it's exactly what I was looking for and by now I should know that when you buy IKEA you're signing on for a project, but seriously, 12 bolts, nuts & washers, 2 wooden pegs, 12 screws, 4 brackets and 4 things I don't even think have a technical name, 4 side aprons, 4 legs and a table top. Anyway, the table is for my photoshoot setup... I received all of that in the mail yesterday but it took me all evening to put the table together so tonight I'll learn about my tabletop studio. That I'm excited about.

I suppose in the end it is kind of satisfying to have a project completed that you put together with your own little two hands. Now, if only the IKEA employees would have remembered to drill all the holes on my tabletop... that would have made life much easier.

Don't get me wrong I love IKEA, especially the design, I'm just not a big fan of putting things together, and in my frustration I decided to blog about it. :o)


  1. I've spent more time then I care to remember putting stuff together from Ikea!

  2. aww little miss fix it. congrats on getting it together, I bet you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment! That stuff is a royal pain, but def worth every minute!



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