Monday, April 13, 2009

spring opener

We're back... This was our first trip up to the cottage since Fall, and I'm always a little nervous to see if anything has happened while we were away. Everything was perfect though, just how we left it.

For some reason, at Spring opener on the island, the house is always loaded with flies and they get into every nook and cranny. Basically we spent the weekend sucking up every last buzzing bugger that we could find. It's annoying and some might find it gross to have all of these flies, but I must admit I derive some pleasure from the act of vacuuming. 

There was still a lot of snow, but mostly mounds here and there, nothing completely covering the grass. We got lucky and the weather, although cooler in the 40's was sunny everyday. We still got to spend quite a bit of our trip outdoors. We did a lot of walking, Jeff planted a few maple trees and I tried my hand at some nature photography, and of course the dogs enjoyed themselves frolicking about the property. (I'll be posting some photos soon.)

On Easter morning, we took a long walk together and I took photos along the way. When we came back Jeff planted his trees, and I finished up my second Dogwood bloom watercolor painting for my series. I have one more to go. Later on Jeff grilled our ham on the Weber and the two of us had a quiet dinner. It was pretty much a perfect end to our getaway.

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