Thursday, May 28, 2009

a spring trip to the island

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, and that means another trip to Drummond Island has come and gone as well. My husband and I had a fabulous time though. Relaxing, bbqing, bird-watching, taking the dogs for a swim, walking, 4-wheeling, painting (for me) and of course no trip would be complete without a stop at the Northwood bar for my favorite popcorn and the coldest beer ever! Beer always tastes the best on the island.

I have a new obsession and I admit it. I'm addicted to watching hummingbirds. I'm so completely fascinated with the little buggers. Within about 2 hours of hanging up the feeder the dive bombers arrived. Throughout the weekend we had a total of 4 birds, 2 males and 2 females and they were non-stop at the feeder from sun up till sun down. Just absolutely amazing little creatures. I even got some sun sitting on the deck with my camera trying to get a few good shots.

The above are just a few of my favorite pics from the weekend, but if you click the link you can check out my full album on Facebook. Happy Memorial Day!


  1. I've always liked hummingbirds, but my grandma recently told me that they're really mean to each other and she doesn't respect them. They're so pretty though!



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