Saturday, June 20, 2009

what color are you?

One of my favorite stores, online or in person is Paper Source. They have tons of delicious looking colors of stationery, all kinds of magnificent do-dads for us creative types and so much more. Sadly, we do not have a store yet in Michigan, "maybe someday." Hint, hint!

I was looking at their blog (great place for inspiration by the way) this morning, and noticed that they had a Colorscope of their special Paper Source colors on what color best describes you. So, pick your favorite color from the chart and see if your personality matches up with your favorite color.

If you check it out, please comment back to the blog.  I'd love to know what color you are too and if you think your color matches your personality. I'm red and I think it's right on the money!

Happy Saturday! :o)


  1. I am Plum. The last sentence is dead on. Not so sure about the rest, though.

  2. Oh, Lori -- every time I see you, you always look great. I think you're being too hard on yourself. :o)

  3. Mine is Pool I think it fits me pretty good. :) That was fun.



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