Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flying Ghost Illustration & Halloween Glow in the Dark Card

I knew I should have started making Halloween items in the Summer. Oh well... So anyway, before I move on to a few Christmas ideas, I had one more thing I wanted to make. I sketched this idea in my sketchbook and transferred the design to a watercolor illustration of a flying ghost in an evening sky.

From there I wanted to make a Halloween card. Cute, enough that I would buy in the stores. So, I scanned the card and cleaned up the illustration and made a path in Photoshop. Printed the card out on my laser printer on heavyweight cardstock. Then I cut out the ghost illustration and embellished the little ghosties with glow in the dark glitter. I saw the glitter at Michael's and I had to have it. I also, made a pop up of the little moon man. The moon and stars have yellow superfine glitter.

The inside had to be cute as well, and not just a plain inside. So, I did a skinny line drawing in Illustrator and then once printed on the cardstock and cut out, I embellished the little ghosties with more glow in the dark glitter. You can never have enough glitter in my opinion.

If you think this card is super cute too, check it out on my Etsy store. I only made 2 and that's all I'm making so, in essence I guess you could call them limited editions.

Happy Halloween... now I'm on to Christmas!

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