Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Card for Gram

My Gram is going to be 85 next week. Whew! Eight-five. Anyway, she still looks and feels great and is still a very spunky lil' lady. We're going out with a group of family members for a surprise birthday dinner for her this evening.

Gram in my backyard this Summer. She's so cute!

If there's one thing to know about my Gram, she loves greeting cards. Seriously, she loves them more than gifts, well, maybe not chocolate gifts. She can gobble up the chocolate, and at 85 she can eat the whole darn box if she wants. Since a card is literally the perfect gift, I thought I'd do a special handmade card for her.

I've been inspired lately by Papyrus (one of my favorite card shops -- and I love that Target carries their brand too!) and my neighbor Mrs. B who makes beautiful handmade cards. Her and I went shopping together a few weeks ago at Archiver's and together we did some serious damage. A few days after our shopping trip she took me down to her basement studio and showed me some of her creations along with other creations she has received that are her favorites. I was so inspired by all of the lovely things that I knew I had to make something beautiful for my Gram.

I figured a flower theme would be best. My Gram has always loved flowers. So, I went back to my watercolor paintings and I used my Daisy Bucket painting as the main image. I had already scanned the watercolor months ago, to make archival prints for my Etsy shop, so all I had to do was print out the painting once in my layout on my laser printer. I used a few things that I have never used before such as an embosser pen, so some of my card was experimental. After a lot of cutting, layering papers, gluing and wrestling with some ribbon my card was complete.

Daisy Bucket Watercolor Painting

Back side of card with my logo printed on
white cardstock and then a scalloped edge.

Inside greeting.

Close-up detail of the front.
I made the daisy closest to the front larger than the original painting, then I cut it out once printed on cardstock and embellished it with my favorite superfine Martha Stewart glitter in pink & yellow. If you're ever doing detailed glitter work I would highly recommend the MS glittering glue with fine-tip applicator. It makes detail work a breeze.

The finished card.

It was so much fun that don't be surprised if you see more handmade intricate cards in my Etsy shop soon.

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