Friday, October 09, 2009

Visions of sugar plums...

Okay, so it might be a little early to be thinking of the holidays but, I'm thinking of my Etsy store. I have so many things that I want to get done in time for an art show and to put new items up of course in my shop on Etsy. Stay tuned for some fun things coming soon!

My studio room is a complete disaster. I swear Toto is going to fly by soon in his basket. My desk feels like the reverse of Violet Beauregard, it's getting smaller and smaller and I just organized my desk last night. If we could only blow out a wall! Actually, I'm working on the idea of moving my studio in the basement. We want to tear down all the walls, the ceiling, etc. and start fresh. We're having a garage sale next weekend to hopefully clear out more stuff to make room for the things that we do want to keep and then keep them organized. That's so hard for me to imagine, a clean-designed basement, oh that would be so lovely. Why can't we have any of those home decor shows in Michigan? My basement studio would be a great organization/design project for them. I love home decorating, but this seems like a really huge task, especially the organization part. Making sure everything is functional is the key when we do the re-do.

A little food for thought, who has visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads anyway? I might be creative, and as a child I had a pretty vivid imagination, but I can never remember visioning that.

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