Friday, February 05, 2010

my new favorite

I recently purchased a custom designed, hand-stamped charm necklace from Kristen at Kristen's Custom Creations. I love, love, love it! She was very nice to work with and very eager to make sure that I got exactly what I was looking for.

the design concept
I already knew that I loved the stamped metal jewelry and I had been looking at Kristen's shop on Etsy for quite some time, but I didn't know what I wanted. Sometimes when the sky is the limit with I have a hard time with decisions. First and foremost, I knew I wanted something "art" related, of course...right. So, I asked Kristen if she could find a charm that was artsy. She found the artist palette and I absolutely loved it. From there, I had to figure out what I was going to have her stamp on the circle, so I came up with "c.oz" in all lowercase letters in her script type hand-stamping, which is how I sign all of my artwork. I went back and forth about if I wanted my birthstone or a pearl to add to the necklace. Then remembering back to all of the necklaces that I really liked in her shop, I always loved the pearl. I love pearls because they are so classic and never go out of style. I chose the bead ball chain, mainly because I thought the tiny balls would go nicely with the round pearl. She did offer another style chain as well. Since Kristen and I live relatively close and I was going to be in her area when it was finished, I stopped by her cute decorated home, met her darling, little boy and gave her super soft pup some love!

Oh and before I forget, I noticed the reverse side of Kristen's business card that I did not notice prior to shooting. The card says, "love the life you live"... I couldn't agree more and I couldn't be happier with my custom necklace. Thanks so much Kristen!


  1. so glad you like your necklace, I love custom work so thank you for allowing me the opportunity to create it!



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