Thursday, February 04, 2010

trying new things

I have a little secret project that has been brewing in my head and in my sketchbook. So, I wanted to try my hand at making some jewelry because once I figure out how to bend the wire and make some knots that will go along with the process of making my secret little project. Over the holidays I got the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts book and that helped me out a lot for some basic jewelry making techniques... which trust me is all I really want to know.

I've always loved beaded jewelry, and I have a few friends that make some amazing things. Now having tried a few simple beaded jewelry projects, I have an even bigger appreciation for it. Last night I tried my hand at making a necklace and this morning I made some earrings. Trust me I don't think what I made is at all that creative, but it was fun and I did learn some new things. I also learned that really... jewelry making is not for me. Although, I'm still working on my secret project and that does have something to do with jewelry.

I tried to be a little creative with my photos since I didn't think the jewelry I made was all that exciting. I do like beads though... very pretty.

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