Saturday, May 15, 2010

flutter butterfly fine art pendant

I've been working on a few new fine art pendants, but this time I've decided not to sand them smooth like the first set I made. This time I liked the more organic nature of the lines from my hands working with the clay. The lines of the clay gave the pendants a nice texture and I thought it was more fitting on this piece since this piece was something nature related.

This piece is hand-formed and baked. After baking, instead of sanding... this time I painted my design, then once the paint is dry I painted several layers of Mod Podge sealer on them so the art itself can never be removed. Once the sealant is dry I glue on the Swarovski crystals, wire them and attach them to the beadball chain. It's a pretty lengthy process for one little pendant, but I love the results.

• Hand-shaped, lime green polymer clay pendant • Embellished with orange & dark sepia brown acrylic paints & layered with a semi-gloss sealant for protection • Swarovski aquamarine colored crystals • 16" - 1mm sterling silver bead ball chain • Size of pendant: 1 1/8" wide x 1 1/4" tall • $32

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