Wednesday, August 11, 2010

p o f i t

p• urge

My studio room is so disorganized I can't even focus. I have stuff piling up everywhere. So, my hubby and I discussed moving the majority of my art studio downstairs and making a nice big, workspace for me, and then just having the upstairs room more like a computer room. So what does that involve, well... A LOT! Our basement since we got married almost 8 years ago has turned into what I call the pit. It's the pit because we live in a modest-size Ranch home that really should be enough space for two people, but really isn't with all of the things we have acquired over the years. I'm trying to make sense of what is down there and I'm trying to purge more stuff and reorganize so I can take my studio room contents downstairs.

o• rganize

I've already scoped out a cool work table from IKEA, but I'm hoping while I'm there I will get some more organization ideas. They are great for that stuff! I need a lot of organizing so that I can access my supplies easily, which is something that is not happening now.

I really don't want to spend a lot of money to move down there and I'd really like to utilize some furniture pieces and things we already have in our home, but maybe sprucing them up with a fresh, creative look. I'd like to paint the walls, possibly the floor and things like that, but I don't know if that's going to happen right now because really I just want to get back to working on my artwork and I just can't function in my space. However, it would be great if I could at least get the floor fixed up, because right now it has 1960's floor tile on it now that is looking pretty shabby.

i• nspire

When I look look around my current studio room I feel my neck tense up. All I can see is the piles of boxes and bins, stacks of papers, just wall to wall messiness and it makes me ill. I'm so much more organized than this and I want to scream when I'm in here! I'm pretty much a tidy artist which is why I think I like watercolor and gouache painting the best. The clean up is easy and it requires minimal space really. But, then my crafty side comes in and I have all of this other stuff. Stuff that I also enjoy, but this stuff and all of the supplies that go along with it, takes up a lot of space. Plus, if I keep jamming it in the closet or the bins I can't see it, and if I can't see it well, I don't use it. I forget what's even there and I may have duplicate supplies or supplies that I have totally forgotten I even own. Like today, I found a HUGE box of markers. HUGE! Which brought me back to all of the fun, marker illustrations I use to do in college. So, I may do some of those again! It's even inspiring to clean!

f• ocus

I'm also looking forward to the move because I get distracted easily and by that I mean the computer. It's the enemy for my day, really, unless I'm designing something. I cannot believe how easily I can get distracted looking at blogs, shopping online or admittedly facebook. Oh geez... that bloody facebook. I love it and hate it all in the same breath. Ugh. It will be nice to be downstairs to focus.

t• hink
Also, I need a thinking space. Sometimes I can doodle away with the tv on, the dogs barking, etc... but other times when I really want to brainstorm, I need some quiet time. So, I'm hoping my new space will let me do that, if not I'm getting those airport headphones the guys on the ramp use to muffle out the airplane noise.

I'd like to post some photos, but right now... the place down there is in no shape for photos. I will eventually though!

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  1. Exciting!!! A new space is sure to inspire and all that purging and organizing is half the fun. Good luck! Can't wait for pix…



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