Sunday, August 22, 2010

let's groove...

To give you a little idea of what I'm dealing with in my basement/studio remodel, I've snapped a few sneak peek pics, while you're checking them out, think Earth, Wind and Fire! Not only do I think it, but every time, I go downstairs I swear I can hear, "Let's Groove" playing... At least I can dance my way into the laundry room. HA!

Oh yes, I have the ultimate in luxury flooring. It's what all of the rich & famous are going ga-ga for... it's brown and tan checkerboard tiles. Snazzy, huh! Uh, nooo. The solution to cover up this dreamy floor, is going to be carpet square flooring. Thank you for modern solutions!

Next up - real hardwood paneling.... Oh yes, the exquisite pine paneling is featured on most of the walls in our basement. Let's booooogie on down! Boooooogie on down! So, the solution, since I don't want to create even more work for myself, such as ripping it down and drywalling the whole room we're going to paint it.

There's also a section of some of the walls that have been covered with some textured wall paper. Some of it was peeling off so I figured, let's peel it even more and see what it's covering up. Perhaps at one time there was a saloon in our basement where men spat in spittoons and wore their ten-gallon hats and ordered sasaparilla. I'm not sure, but when I'm done with it, it's definitely going years into the future to bring it up to speed with a more modern vibe.

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