Saturday, February 19, 2011

contemporary interior design with vintage barbie prints

Occasionally I get photos from my clients showing where they have hung my artwork in their homes. I love seeing how they have framed the work and the decorating of their home too. It really makes me happy to know that someone is enjoying my work.

I received some really beautiful photos from a client who a few months back had purchased four of my 8x10 Barbie prints to hang in her new designed and decorated living room. She framed them in black with wide black matting. They really look stunning. I really love the style of her place and they really give the vintage Barbie prints a stylish vibe. Thanks so much for sending the photos!

I get a lot of people asking me if people buy these prints mainly for little girls bedrooms. Most of the time I have no idea where people put them unless I'm lucky enough to have a conversation with my client. Personally, that's why I love these photos because it just shows how stunning this vintage icon can look in a setting for the whole family. What I've always loved about the vintage Barbie is that she's a classic. She's something most people can connect with and she represents something much bigger than a just a doll.

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  1. My Barbie is my office at L+A! Anything I can do to make that space more my own, I do. I'll have to send in a photo! :)




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