Thursday, February 17, 2011

kelly moore bags : b-hobo

I have an SLR camera but I don't carry it around much because well, the camera bag that I have I don't like very much. I have a big clunky, backpack bag, that is really only good for our trips to our cottage or other outdoorsy trips. My friend Kelli from Purple Tree Photography is a professional photographer and she's always keeping me in the know about the coolest new photography stuff. I told her about my dilemma about not carrying my camera around that much and that's when she clued me in on the Kelly Moore bags!

It's great because Kelly Moore is a professional photographer, so she understands what people are looking for in a great photo bag. They are stylish so they don't look like a clunky camera bag, especially if you want to be incognito with your camera bag and still look hip. You can still carry things like your wallet, cell phone, keys, lip gloss etc... that you would normally carry in your purse. There's several styles, but my favorite style is called the B-Hobo bag. It's got a fashionable looking flap, plenty of room for my camera body and a few lenses, plus all of my personal belongings. They come in great colors too (psst! I like Mustard)! I don't have one of these bags yet, but it's on my wish list. Oh, and hey, there's a cool guy's messenger style bag too, so the fellas aren't left out either!

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