Tuesday, March 22, 2011

chicken pot pie

I roasted a chicken the other day for our dinner. Unless we have guests, we always have a lot of leftover chicken, which we love, so really... I'm not complaining. Instead of of my usual standbys like chicken salad or chicken enchiladas, I felt like a belly-warming pot pie. Around last Thanksgiving, I found a recipe by Giada on the Food Network that was used for leftover turkey and pancetta. She's one of my favorite Food Network chefs. So, I just replaced the turkey with chicken and I didn't have any pancetta on hand, but I did have some bacon -- which worked in a pinch just as nicely. This recipe is a little timely, probably best kept for the weekend, unless you make the filling the day before and the crust the day you want to bake them. The parmesan-cornmeal crust is to die for! Before you even take one bite your senses are in a nutty, parmesan trance. Definitely a keeper for next Thanksgiving turkey leftovers! Enjoy...

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