Wednesday, June 08, 2011

garden color

Last week after our vacation to the cottage, the very next day I headed to the nursery to purchase all of my flowers and then the remainder of the afternoon and evening I spent it planting. This year I'm really excited about having Cosmos. I've been wanting them for a few years now, but have never seen a mature plant at any of the nurseries that I go to. I almost considered starting from seed, but I didn't have to this time. This is the very first bloom on the plant and it's supposed to be a multi-colored flower so we'll see what I get for a bloom next time. Years ago, when I used to design wedding invitations, one of my clients from California had me do a watercolor illustrations of a chocolate cosmos for her invites, and that's when I started loving these blooms.

The clematis really went crazy already! It's forever blooming variety so hopefully it will keep going with all of the beautiful blooms. It makes a nice backdrop to our rock garden.

This dahlia reminded me of a water lily and Monet's waterlily paintings have always been a favorite.

And finally, some full sun coleus that I'm excite to try growing in the rock garden. I alway plant shade coleus but I spied this variety and the leaves are so pretty. Should make a nice addition to the rock garden this year.

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