Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

I'm actually working on this post a few days in advance because I wanted to be able to really think about the things that I am truly thankful for in my life and jot them down as I go.

I'm thankful for:
• my husband (best friend)* who makes my life truly amazing! • my parents • family • old friendships + new ones too! • our pups! • prayers for my dad from people i don't even know as well as the ones we do • miracles • God • our cozy home • good health • happiness + big belly laughs • the power of positive thinking • smiles : because a smile can change everything • nature's beauty that gives me so much inspiration and constantly amazes me • *the opportunity to be working towards my dream

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Now let's all sit back and enjoy that pumpkin pie (except I really don't care for pumpkin pie... I prefer apple.)

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