Thursday, August 21, 2014

Crafty Cottage Fun

I was lucky to spend alot of time this Summer up at our family cottage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Drummond Island. A few friends came up to visit this year. We worked on some crafty projects this time instead of painting. I worked on alot of pom-pom stick flowers and painted rocks. I love how the flowers look in assorted vases and bottles we found around the cottage and the vintage mason jar from a friend. We also did yarn stick wrapping too. It was all alot of fun and a fun departure from painting for awhile. More to come on that...

Tiny Yellow Mustard Pom Pom Flowers with a Monarch Butterfly Painted Rock
next to the bed on a nightstand table

Giant Pom Pom Flowers tied with burlap twine
in the living room

Bee Painted Rock perched on the dresser in the bedroom

Blueberry-ish Pom Pom Flowers in a vintage bottle found at the cottage
on a small shelf in the kitchen

Fluffy Pom Bouquet in Red and Gray tied with yarn in an old mason jar with found tiny pebble rocks
in the living room

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