Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vintage Viewmaster Watercolor Print

I've really been on a roll working on new illustrations. I'm having such a great time it hardly feels like work at all, and for that I feel truly grateful. Okay, okay... it feels like work when I'm finished with an illustration and then it needs scanning, printing, packaging, pricing, listing on Etsy, inventory numbers and getting them prepared to ship or deliver to shops and galleries that carry my work. Whew! But, let's not talk about that part because all of that kinda bogs my brain down. So that's why I decided to kick it into high gear and just work on a lot of new illustrations and then I'm going to take several days and really crank out a ton of prints, cards and do the inventory and get ready to make my deliveries and shipments.

So with that... here's my new illustration the Vintage Viewmaster! Who remembers having one of these? I sure do. I loved mine. It's hard to remember that far back but my most vivid memory of the slides were ones of Disneyworld. It was pretty cool to me since at that point I had never been. I remember the It's a Small World ride slide, which was pretty cool to see, and when I finally went it was even better in person. Now that I'm thinking about it, I also remember having Casper the friendly ghost slides. I loved Casper too!

You can purchase prints of my watercolor in my Etsy shop and soon in local shops that carry my work. Thanks for stopping by!

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