Monday, October 13, 2014

White Russian + Bloody Mary MidCentury Watercolor Illustrations

I just finished up two new illustrations to add to my MidCentury Cocktail Series. Two classics, the Bloody Mary and the White Russian. Many thanks to the Mad Men for concocting this wonderful elixirs!

Awhile back when I started working on my cocktail series, I had quick feedback contest as to which style of text everyone liked the best. Most people voted for what will be Text Option A, but there were a handful of folks that liked Text Option B (which is also my favorite). In my Etsy shop, from now on you can choose which Text Option you want when you order the cocktail prints.

Text Option A - includes the cocktail name + the ingredients 

Text Option B - cocktail name only for a cleaner modern look

Text Option A

Text Option B

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