Tuesday, January 12, 2010

getting started...

I have been telling my husband Jeff for sometime now that I would do a painting of our first dog Scout for some time -- well, okay a really long time. It's just one of those projects that keeps getting pushed back and never seems to get started. Well, finally I'm about to start working on it. The first step is to either find some good reference or to shoot some new stuff. So, I've been going thru old photos looking for some nice reference images and while looking for photos of Scout, I found a few of my favorites of both dogs from this past summer at the cottage. I barely remember the green grass, but it sure is nice to look at it in photos and knowing that in a few short months we'll be right back there.


  1. Sweet blog! Great dog pics. Bet they'll make good paintings.

  2. Love the photos of your pups! Also enjoyed your self-description, but broccoli everyday??

  3. I said I "could" eat broccoli everyday, but I don't.



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