Sunday, February 28, 2010

and the winner is...

It is the most beautiful sunny Monday here in Michigan today! Hooray! What's even better is that today is the day I've chosen the winner for the pendant I created. I decided to go the old fashioned route in picking the winner. I cut up equal size pieces of notebook paper, wrote each individual name down, folded them all the same way, threw them in a hat and had my husband pick the winner. The winner is... Christy! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy wearing your pendant!

I just finished up three more fine art pendants and they are now all available in my Etsy store. I decided to change up the packaging a bit and naming the pieces in Italian proved to be a little more work that I anticipated. Basically it was the conversion from English to Italian. So even though I think the Italian language is beautiful, it's back to English for the titles. (sigh)

The new pendants:

embellished with acrylics • 16" sterling silver chain

embellished with acrylics • Swarovski crystals
16" sterling silver bead ball chain

embellished with acrylics • Swarovski crystals
18" sterling silver bead ball chain


  1. Bummer for me. Congrats to Christy! :)

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!! Thank you sooo much, Cheryl!!! I'm so in love with your new pendants and can't wait to add more to my new collection!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY!! :)



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