Friday, October 24, 2008

inspiration : autumn

Sometimes I forget how much I like like Autumn. It's such a great time of year. Apple picking, cider mills, cinnamon-sugar donuts, the crunching of leaves at your feet, a big pot of chili, football games, snuggling with someone you love and my favorite part of all Halloween!

We've been wrapping up some projects at home and starting some new ones. Since I had to wait all summer to have our driveway installed, it put a damper on our plans for the cobblestone walkway and landscaping project. Well, we finally, got the walkway at the beginning of October, much to late to bother with landscaping for this year. So, I spruced up the front by decorating for Autumn & Halloween. I even got our dog Daisy to sit still for a few photos.


  1. The walkway looks great and Daisy looks so cute!

  2. How cute is Daisy!

    So, when I stop by in December will the Halloween decorations still be up? Or does that only apply to Christmas decorations?

  3. Nah, by December you're good. We'll definitely have Christmas decor up. But, swing by in May... could be Easter, could be Christmas -- heck maybe we'll be early for Independence Day? You just never know -- 'cause anything goes in the Land of Oz.

  4. You've been tagged!



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