Saturday, July 11, 2009

vacation photos : baby robins

Upon our arrival of the cottage, we noticed a birdnest with three baby robins. All day long the momma robin and daddy robin were busy gathering food to feed their three little ones. It was almost miraculously how fast the babies grew and got their feathers! They went from fuzzy bald heads, to fully-feathered baby birds in a matter of days. After about 6 days of the robin parents feedings finally our little ones fled the nest. Fluttering down to the ground, only to land on top of our car and then landing on a small twig nearby. Soon they flew off to a nearby pine tree to bed down for the night. Good luck little ones!

Ohh, what a cutie!

A little stretching.

"oh hello there!"

"psssst, tomorrow we're going to take our first flight!"

"Okay, so...I could have flown to the ground, but I wasn't quite ready."

"whew! a nearby twig to rest on."

"i know... i'm so super cute!"

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