Monday, July 13, 2009

vacation photos : dog gone good vacation

Every time I'm up at Drummond I always say it's a dog's vacation. Why? Because it's the life of freedom for our Scout & Daisy. Who wouldn't love it? No fences. Relaxing on the deck & sprawling out in the lush summer grass. Investigating the nearby woods. Visiting the relatives that have cottages next door. Watching the geese & ducks fly overhead. Chasing little red squirrels & monarch butterflies and running down the Bass Lake Trail to go swimming in the lake. I really don't know anyone that enjoys Drummond more than them. It's a happy place for man & his best friends.

Daisy enjoying her new ball.

Scout watching geese fly overhead.

Daisy - "Can we play, can we play?"

Scout - such a handsome pup!

Daisy - A rest in the yard and never without her ball.

"I love my ball!"



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