Wednesday, August 04, 2010

fresh from the faire : new pendant designs!

I featured some of my newest fine art pendant designs at the Maker Faire, Detroit this weekend. They are now all available in my Etsy shop.

Each pendant is totally hand-crafted from start to finish. The pendants are made from polymer clay which are molded by hand, baked, then some are sanded and some are left to have a more organic finish. After sanding comes the painting process. Prior to painting I've worked up several designs in my sketchbook so I'm ready to go once the pendants are baked. I sketch the design onto the clay then I paint the design. After painting, I apply several layers of sealant to protect the artwork on the pendant. If the designs require Swarovski crystals I apply them next. Lastly, I wire the pendant and attach the 16" sterling silver bead ball chain. Each pendant is packed onto a cardstock weight card, adorning it's name and the reverse has cleaning instructions. The pendant will be packed in a handmade felt bag for storage when not in use.

As you can see it's quite a process for such a tiny item but, I absolutely love, love, love the results and in person they look fantastic. I got several compliments on them at the show. To date, I have not repeated any design so each design is "unique to your piece." I will recreate a design for a custom piece, however it has to be a significant enough change so that I am not duplicating the "exact" design on the last one. It's like wearing your own little piece of fine art. Each piece is signed on the back with my artist signature "c.oz."

Want a custom piece for yourself or for a gift? Absolutely, just ask! I'd be happy to create one for just for you.

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