Sunday, August 29, 2010

fun in the northern muskegon sun...

Friday was a GREAT day! It was about the most fun I've had all summer and I'm not kidding you either. A group of us (my husband, my dad, my uncle G, our friend Dave and his son Steve) went to Northern Muskegon on a salmon charter for fishing. The boat was 35 ft. long with a flying bridge on top. Very cool. The weather was a balmy 78 degrees, the winds however were not cooperating. The water was rough, but I loved it! The swells were at least 6-ft high during some points of our 8-hr excursion. I pretty much spent my entire time up on the bridge, because the view was fantastic.

Since my Dad's surgery from this past Christmas it's been a long recovery for him. He loves to fish though and hasn't been able to get out onto his own boat much this Summer. Even though he was really tired when it was his turn to reel in a fish he sprung into action. It was great seeing him in his element and reeling in the biggest salmon that we caught that day.

Since it was so rocky it was "really" hard to get steady photos - I was lucky to snap a few. We brought home 6 king salmon and 1 trophy-sized brown trout. Yesterday we grilled up some salmon and fried some perch that we caught a few weeks back. I put a little rub on the salmon with dill and onion powder, S&P then finished the fish with a little drizzle of some sauce at the end. The sauce was lemon juice, chopped capers, chives, S&P and olive oil. It was fantastic. Probably the best salmon I've ever had -- and I'm not kidding, because sometimes I'm not into salmon all that much, especially when it's really fishy-tasting. But this was absolutely delicious!

I also would like to mention that the homes along the water in Northern Muskegon were gorgeous. Very cute area. I can't wait to go back. It was such a fun time!

It was definitely a nice break from the norm and spending time with our family and friends.


  1. Ok...first of all...what an AWESOME PICTURE of you and Jeff!! You two cuties!! Second of all...I'm sooo happy that you are already having a wonderful time! It must be HEAVEN up there!! Can't wait to see all the wonderful pics! :)

  2. Nice Cheryl!!



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